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Arya kian Sepehr Co. has established for designing and manufacturing of suspension and steering system spherical rod ends in 2006.

Arya Kian Sepehr succeed to obtain the sign of ISIRI in 2006. At the same time R&D unit of this company could promote the technology of ball joint that fabricated in Iran. This result in honor diploma of ISIRI and chosen as a top industrial unit by Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce in 2007.

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According to continuous attempts of staffs and direct manager ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO/TS 16949 from DQS and the title of business and industry top brand has obtained in 2012.Design and fabrication of Peugeot 206 triangle was carried out by Arya Kian Sepehr for the first time in Iran in 2012.In 2012 & 2013 ARYA KIAN SEPEHR was selected from ISIRI and Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade as a top industrial and qualitative complex. Also this company could achieve the first standard license of RANA ball joint in Iran in the same year.

Concept of quality is defined innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, on time delivery and stringent quality assurance.

Our products are manufactured according to the technical, mechanical, metro logical and metallurgical specifications of national & international standards (DIN, ISIRI, AFNOR, ASTM and JIS). In addition we use the authoritative automotive associations such as SAE, JASO. Engineering department of Arya Kian Sepehr uses CATIA, ABAQUS, ANSYS , softwares for designing, analyzing, prototyping and affirming the products.

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it's time to work. it is our employees speech when they come, but it is not a ordinary work. they think to an awesome work, a different product. we know that when a customer choose us in a market with many competitors, it mean he/she valorize our brand, so he/she is worth to the best because they deserve the best.


Ahad Kamali  / Managing Director